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New Puppy 


Level 1

Puppies under 6 months

Group Classes are 6 weeks and cost £80

for the full course and are held at either our training field in Birchanger

or High Wych Memorial Hall

Training videos and learning material accompany the course so that you can continue your training at home during the course and after.







Start Dates:

Saturday the 20th of April at 12pm

Sunday the 28th of April at 1pm

Friday the 10th of May at 6pm

Sold Out

Still Available:

Training Field in Birchanger

Saturday the 4th of May at 2.30pm

(no classes on the 25th or 26th of May)

Sunday the 2nd of June at 12pm

Saturday the 8th of June at 12pm

Thursday the 27th of June at 6.30pm

Saturday the 20th of July at 12pm

Still Available:

High Wych Memorial Hall 2024

No classes planned indoors until

Winter 2024



Dog's Portrait

Young adult Training Classes



Level 2

Adolescent Pups and

Young Adult Dog Classes

6 weeks and cost £80

for the full course

The PupStars Mixed breeds is for all breeds over 5 months, PupStars Mini is purely for the Small and Medium Pups (up to the size of a fully grown spaniel).

PupStars Mini are held at High Wych Memorial hall or at our training field in Birchanger. Mixed  breeds is for all sizes and is ONLY held at Birchanger for space to run around in.

Start Dates:

Friday the 12th of April at 7.15pm

Saturday the 20th of April at 1.15pm

Sunday the 28th of April at 2.15pm

Sunday the 5th of May at 11am

Sold Out

Still Available:

Mixed Breeds PupStars

Birchanger training field:

Saturday the 8th of June at 1.15pm

Saturday the 20th of July at 1.15pm

PupStars Mini:


Sunday the 16th of June at 1pm



Funny Pitbull Portrait

  Young Adult
and Adult Training Classes

Clever Dogs and

Clever Little Dogs:


Level 3

Young Adult Dogs

and Adult Dog Group Classes

4 weeks and cost £50

for the full course

Only for Pups and Dogs who have completed PupStars.

Classes are held only at our training field in Birchanger.

One to One private classes are available for Adolescent Dogs and Adult Dogs per hour, contact us for prices.

Start Dates:

Training Field in Birchanger ONLY

Sunday the 17th of March at 2.15pm

Wednesday the 10th of April at 6pm

Sold Out

Still Available:

Clever Little Dogs

( for the smaller breeds Spaniels and Under)

Wednesday the 26th of June at 6pm

Clever Dogs Mixed

Sunday the 23rd of June at 2.15pm



New Puppy 1-2-1

Home Visit

Puppy home visits can help to prepare you for the arrival of your puppy or to help with the new arrival once they are home. We can do the Puppylicious course in your home over a number of visits, or you could join the group Puppy Classes at one of our venues; My Birchanger training field or indoors at High Wych Memorial Hall.


Our home visits are designed as a foundation session on a 1-2-1 basis to discuss normal puppy behaviours, how to meet your puppies breed specific needs and to guide the family so that we can help your dog be happy and grow into a lovely family Member. 

£60 for a 90mins session

£50 if booked alongside a group puppylicious course


Lead Training

Lead Walking with a Loose lead is probably the hardest thing we will ever teach our puppies and dogs. 

Communicating with a lead can go wrong so easily. 

Recall is essential but at times we loose our way and pup stops listening.

Our 1-2-1 training will look at what is not working for you and your dog, we will look at techniques and possible leads that might help you to communicate and walk together harmoniously. Why pup is not listening will be explained and you will be shown techniques and games to build the Recall to a really reliable level.

Training takes place at my training field in Birchanger at first so that we can work in a controlled environment. We can then look at taking the training on the move and possibly in your local area.

£50 for a 1 hour Session

£75 for 90 mins 

Full write up with a Personalised Behaviour Plan included


General Behaviour modification

Sometimes little unwanted behaviours can start to become habits and make life unpleasant.

Be it not listening

Fear reaction,

Over stimulation reaction. Perhaps it's separation anxiety.

Helping our dogs with these behaviours might be as simple a one session or it can take time. Your plan will depend on how long they have been practicing the behaviour, the reasons behind it and the consistency of the training.

Being able to pick up on subtle canine communication signals is really important.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

(I don't specialise in aggression only reactivity)

£60 for a 1 hour Session

£90 for 90 mins 

90 mins is recommend for the first consultation. Full write up with a Personalised Behaviour Plan included

Depending on your location an additional travel fee may be subject to agreement if outside of a 15 mile radius from Stansted.

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