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I am an accredited ADTB Trainer and am IMDT trained. I have studied Canine Psychology and Behaviour. 

I offer Puppy, Advanced Puppy, older Dogs and rescue Dog classes, either in groups or one to one.


The Puppylicious Class is pups first introduction to education, learn all the basics, bond and socialise your puppy to create the best start for them.

Pupstars is for the advanced adolescent puppy which is the next step and will help you and pup to go on to the next stage in their education, they improve on the basics, add new cues, and add more life skills.

See Dog Training for more information.

Diamond Dogs is for a older pups and dogs over a year old. Lets keep your education and bonding going, lets check that we are not getting bad habits and if we are lets fix them. We'll add some more tricks and life skills.

You can relax safe in the knowledge that your beloved Woofie will be loved and cared for like a member of my own family, whether it be for their Training, Daily walk, or for Daycare in our home, you'll get friendly, prompt, and adoring care with Woofies.


We live in a busy world and have busy life styles, owning a dog can cause worry and anxiety. Woofies help relieve that stress.

We give your woofie a minimum of an hours stimulated walk (longer or shorter options and daycare available). Our aim is to make each walk energetic, enthusiastic, fun and interesting so that your woofie returns home happy and relaxed both in mind and body, a happy woofie is a tired waggy woofie!

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Prior to any walk or care we can arrange a free consultation at a convenient time. We can discuss your woofies needs and we can obtain your basic dog information, emergency contact details and answer any of your questions. This will also give us the opportunity to meet face to face. 


I have experience handling most breeds (large and small) with differing individual personalities and requirements.

I am looking forward to enjoying time with your best friend, meeting you, and of course offering you a personal, professional animal care service.