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Human food, whats bad for my Pooch?

Many people ask me what to feed their pups, whats good and what isn't.

This blog isn't about dog food but more focused on what human food your pet can have and what you should or need to avoid.

Your dog is your dog and your home is your home, how you raise your family is down to you but we all need to do it responsibly. Your dog is a member of your family but is still a canine (as much as we often treat them like humans), our dogs have very different needs when it comes to food.

While many human foods are fine for your dog others are potentially dangerous and unsafe.

Rule of thumb is that you should avoid feeding your pup anything that isn't recommended by your vet because not all breeds are the same so take care when feeding from your plate.

I'm not going to go into begging at the table or eating scraps from your plate, as mentioned before I only want to help you to know what food is ok and what isn't.

Here is a list of foods which your dog can eat in MODERATION!

Meat and Fish- As long as your dog has no allergy to red meat or white meat (Poultry - Chicken or Turkey with the fatty skin removed) then lean meat provides your dog with a tasty treat which is also a good source of protein. Make sure you remove all bones and excessive fat and that you are sure your meat is fresh and not contaminated with bacteria which causes food poisoning. Fish can contain a parasite that causes fish disease or salmon poisoning disease. Cooked fish is good for your dog and the cooking process kills the parasite but again remember to remove all the bones to avoid choking or internal organ risks.

Eggs - Cooked eggs are an excellent source of protein and contain many vitamins. Cooked is recommended over raw due to salmonella and biotin deficiency.

Fruit your dog can have;

Apples (no seeds)









Pears (no seeds)




Watermelon (no seeds)

The seeds should be removed, seeds contain trace amounts of arsenic which is poisonous.

Vegetables are a great healthy alternative treats and snacks.

Vegetables your dogs can digest;


Brussels Sprouts




Green Beans


Potatoes (only cooked)


Sweet potatoes

Fresh is better, stay away from canned or picked because they contain too much salt.

White Rice - Vets will often suggest you feed your dog boiled white rice when they are poorly because it can firm up stools and nourish a dog that it ill, this is often paired with boiled chicken.

What not to give your dog;

Alcohol - can cause lack of coordination, weak breathing and abnormal acidity which could cause a coma or death.

As mentioned Fruit seeds especially Apples - They contain a natural chemical called amygdalin which releases cyanide when digested.