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6 & 4 week courses
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Puppylicious Beginners class -6 months
Held at our enclosed Field in Birchanger£80 for 6 weeks course:
Saturday the 18th of March at 12pm Sold out
Monday the 27th of March at 6.30pm
Friday the 24th of March at 11am
Saturday 8th of April at 2.30pm
Sunday the 16th of April
at 1pm
Saturday the 6th of May at 12pm
Monday the 15th of May at 6.30pm
Sunday the 2nd of July at 1pm

Puppylicious Indoors Class
Held at High Wych Memorial Hall
£90 for 6 weeks course:
Thursday the 2nd of March at 6pm Sold out
Thursday the 13th of April at 6.30pm
Thursday the 25th of June at 6pm
Clever  Dogs Level 3
For PupStar Graduates Only

£50 for a 4 weeks course
Sunday 16th of April at 2.15
(16th, 23rd of April and 7th and 14th of May)
Sunday 21st of May at 2.15
(21st, 28th of May and 4th and 18th of June)

PupStars Mixed Level 2
Held at our enclosed Field in Birchanger £80
for the 6 weeks course
For Puppylicious Graduates or Older Puppy with basic training.
(Mixed Breeds, large & small)

Sunday PupStar Mixed February 26th at 2.15pmSold out
Saturday PupStar Mixed April 8th at 1.15pm 
Tuesday PupStar Mixed May 9th at 6.30pm 
Saturday PupStar Mixed May 20th at 1.15pm

20th, 27th, 3rd and 10th , 17th of June (not 24th) 1st of July 
PupStars Mini Level 2
For Puppylicious Graduates

or Older Puppy with basic training

(Mini's For the smaller breeds
up to a spaniel)

Tuesday PupStar Mini's March 28th at 6.30pm
Friday PupStar Mini's May 5
th at 11am
​Sunday PupStar Mini's May 7th at 3.30pm

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of May and 4th (Not the 11th)and 18th of June